just your typical horny dude who likes posting pics of himself for all to enjoy. 18+ only. all other please leave.


Anonymous asked
Dude how old are ya ?

guess ;)

markpnoy asked
How the heck do you do that hands free jerk??? It looks like it feels fucking awesome!

haha it does feel fucking awesome.  can’t really explain how.  just keep trying.  you’ll get it :)

Anonymous asked
Are you still on kik? I'd love to play with you!

i haven’t been on kik in a long time.  send me some pics on tumblr.  if i like what i see, we’ll talk ;)

gentlebreath asked
How old were you the first time you made yourself cum? When and how did you realize other boys jerk off also? When was the first time you jerked with another guy?

probably 12 or 13.  i think i always knew other boys jerk off.  i mean, why wouldn’t they?  first time i jerked off with a guy was 17.

frenchpatrick asked
01/27/14 You wrote: "my first tumblr video :)" I am not sure if you mean "of myself" or not. Anyway, just now, I have reblogged it as a lot of other tumblr, but with five gifs made from it. Answer if you want them to be removed or on the contrary if you wish the link to reblog them. Have a LOVE-ly day, and may 2014 see all your dreams "cum" true, my dear "cumrad". XO

thanks!  always happy to have my fans spread my work :)

thebig11 asked
I think we should work together

interesting idea…

privythoughtsandfeels asked
Love the blog, and I really, really dig the sounds you make when you cum <3 damn


cmm1928 asked
Would love to see a new video!!!

what’s in it for me??

equalforall asked
I precum tons when I get excited (like now on your blog) Love to see another boned, dripping cock

oh yeah?  show me :-p

totaloonie asked
Do you like to beat off with a buddy?

yeah of course.  one of my favorite ways to pass time…